Vintage themed Hen Parties

Sunday March 20th 2016

Organising a hen party can be a daunting task especially if you have a large group of ladies and usually a mix of friends and family members that you need to keep happy. I speak to lots of women in this situation and understand the difficulties this can present. Luckily we live in an age where we have more and more choice of what we can do to mark the special occasion and lots more activities and days out that will suit most ladies in the group.

My top tips for organising the perfect hen party would be to give yourself lots of time, don’t leave it to the last minute as that will be more stressful and harder to get everything together in time. Do you have a budget? Give yourself a budget per person and then work as closely to this as possible and do your research! There is so much information available to us on the Internet making it easy to put together the bespoke package for your perfect day. Keep all the ladies in the loop, I would suggest a group email offering links to various options and then book early as soon as you have made your decision, as popular activities can get booked out way ahead of time.

A great choice for a party activity and from years of experience one that gives lots of fun and joy for the whole group of all ages is a Vintage Make Over Party. Most ladies love to look and feel glamorous so what better choice than an afternoon of pampering with the added twist of a Vintage decade!

Choose from the very popular 1920’s/30’s, dark smokey eyes and sultry scarlet lips with waves, curls and buns in the hair or another very popular party a 40’s/50’s theme which is more fun and quirky, striking black winged eyeliner, red lips and rolls and bangs in the hair. We also offer great 60’s, 70’s and 80’s parties which are also lots and lots of fun.

I think everyone enjoys dressing up and there is something very magical and special when you transform yourself to another period in history. Most ladies really take on the challenge and with lots of wonderful vintage themed events and vintage shops available to us right now it makes it the perfect choice for a complete themed evening.

Lipstick and Curls are an experienced team all fully trained and specialising in Vintage and Period Styling. Our artists can provide vintage hair and make up styling so you look and feel like you are from your chosen decade. We can also offer a more softer modern feel for anyone in the group should this be required.

Please check out our hen party packages or get in touch to see if we can lend a helping hand!


Lipstick and Curls x