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Sunday April 13th 2014

As fellow lovers of all things vintage, pin-up, burlesque and glam we cannot disregard the importance of embracing our favourite vintage inspired look through the right hair style, the right make-up and…that beautiful hourglass silhouette!

And how do we achieve that enviable shape? Why, with a corset of course!

Though nearly abolished in the 1920s and then loads of them confiscated during WWII (alas, they needed the metal!), thanks to Christian Dior and his creation of the “New Look” in the 50s, corsets have been on the rise ever since, and possibly at their latest peek today.

For those of you new to corsets, we thought to share a couple of our favourite tips to help you incorporate a steel boned beauty into your lovely vintage look:

If you choose to wear a corset underneath you outfit, then an underbust is the way to go!

Overbusts can be downright show-stopping, but if what you are looking for is the perfect undergarment to complete your look, then you don’t want to go with an overbust because it can re-shape the profile of one’s bust in a way that isn’t always the most flattering underneath a chic dress or smart blouse. An underbust will still allow you to wear your preferred bra, and focus solely on cinching in the waist, which will accentuate the bust rather than re-shape it. An excellent choice is our White Net Mesh Cincher Corset. The design is free of any extra trim, which allows your clothes to lie smoothly over the corset and the net mesh fabric is a great choice when layering your outfit over the corset, as it keeps things breathable and comfortable.

If you’ve never worn a corset before, it is important to follow the basic sizing guidelines

Ahh, though it would be lovely to select a corset based on the measure we would want our waists to be, it isn’t quite that simple! When selecting a steel boned corset, go with one that measures 4” to 5” less your natural/relaxed waist. If you’ve already got some experience with wearing corsets and you choose to select a waist-training corset, then select a size that is 6” to 7” less your natural/relaxed waist.

And voila! Freshly armed with this information you are ready to have a go at wearing a corset. You will be amazed at how a corset will take your already fabulous look to the next level.

If you need additional inspiration for your pretty pin-up inspired look, have a glance at our lovely Corset Dresses!

Happy lacing!

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