​Victory Rolls

Monday September 10th 2012

The Victory Roll is the most requested style at Lipstick and Curls and yet the one our customers find so difficult to replicate! The victory roll began it’s journey in the 1940’s when ladies, who at this time wouldn’t have had many beauty tools and products available to them, would use this hair style to give the hair more height and shape and also a bit of character within these somber times.

The Victory Roll was actually a fighter plane maneuver and the ladies took this term and made it their own.  A much loved style that has been resurrected and is being used today in modern fashions.

How to style you own Victory Roll 

Make Sure the Hair is completely dry!

Part the hair neatly in either a centre or a side parting. Then make a section from the top of the crown down to behind the ears, creating a V shape in the front section of the hair. Then tie the rest of the hair out of the way as she can style this later.

Take the first section of the V (left or right which ever you feel comfortable styling first) then either tong or roller the hair, just to curl the ends. This will help when you wind in your roll.

The take your curls at one side of the V and backcomb small sections, always backcomb at the route to half way up the hair shaft. Do this until you have a very full mound of hair on side section of the V.

Now lay all of this hair on your hand and then with a bristle brush smooth over the top layer of the hair so there are no visible flyaway ends. Then change the position of the hand so it is lying on the top of the head with the hair laying over it the other way. Now smooth it over the other side.

You can now take some fine hairspray and spray either side, also then smoothing over the hair. I always take my brush to the end of the hairpiece and brush the curls around my fingers. If you have backcombed the hair well this long piece of hair will almost stand up on it’s own with the strength of the backcomb!

Now place your hand back in the same position on the top of the head and lay the hair over it. This time wind it around the fingers until you have a nice circle shape sat on the front of the head. Then with you other hand take a hair grip and secure by putting the grip flat to the head securing the roll. Try to put the grip right in side the roll as not to be on show.

Hairspray the roll and smooth the side of the hair. To give extra strength and security you can put hairpins at the top centre of the style. To do this take a pin and press it down vertically in to the scalp scraping the edge of the roll. Once the pin touches the scalp turn the pin inwards toward the roll. You will feel this tightens up the rolls making it more secure.

Then repeat on the other side. If you have an off centre parting they need not be symmetrical. You can also experiment with different methods of rolling the hair and different quantities as the same method applies.

Essential Tools

Tail Comb – Tail is great for sectioning and the comb a perfect backcombing tool.

Soft Bristle Brush – This is perfect for the smoothing and tidying.

Fine Hair Spray – Look for a strong hold without stickiness 

Tong/Rollers – Great for curling the ends and perhaps the back of the style

Amanda Moorhouse x

Lipstick and Curls