Seventies Style

Monday December 17th 2012

When we think of the style of this particular decade there are so many images and references that spring to mind. Less favorable than the earlier decades such as the 40’s and 50’s however I feel it’s influence on style today has been crucial and the style and beauty taken from it is both classic and stunning!

Things got very glossy in the 70’s. Pearl essence was added to almost everything! So all the bold colours of the 1960’s now became very shimmery and pastel in shade, the lips had extra gloss giving a very wet sheen. Women had more of a healthy glow too in the 70’s as they began to play around with dewy foundations, fake tan, bronzing powders and again pearl essence added to the cheek bones. I think it was a big change to what we had experience in the 1960’s and perhaps even a reaction against, the pale two tone face with pale lips and matt base. Also worth mentioning a reaction against the times as women also began to travel more and tan in hotter climates. 

The hair began to get bigger again too and big loose curls became very fashionable. Every decade had it’s classic  ‘up do’ and the 70’s was no different. Women would pile the hair on top of the head to create a style we are familiar with today called the ‘top knot’. This consisted of a smooth finish at the front of the head as the hair was pulled tight and piled on top of the head the shape and fullness was then created whilst twisting, backcombing and pinning the hair on top of the hair. Other famous and classic styles that the 70’s embraced were the bun and the chignon.  Rather than scraping the hair tight, the hair was backcomb slightly and loosely shaped in a bun at the back of the head  (either at the nape or higher up on the back of the head pinning tightly and pushing the hair forward to give even more height and fullness so the hair wasn’t flat to the head) I think this style looks almost Victorian in it’s shape proving that classic styles just keep getting pulled from history and women keep fashioning there own version of these classic and iconic styles.

Create your own 70’s make up look 

I think the make up played a crucial key to defining this era, below are my tips on creating the perfect 1970’s face 

- The skin was very glowing and dewy in the 70’s so perhaps opt for a less matt foundation and go easy on the powder; just apply this to the centre of the face and forehead.

- Choose an eyeshadow that has a shimmer to it, perhaps a pastel blue or a green, peach or gold. When applying the shadow bring it up higher than the socket line and blend in to the eyebrow with a lighter pearl shade.

- Avoid a strong thin brow, use a brush but avoid too much colour and definition.

- Blusher was a must too, nice and rosy on the apples, you could also experiment with cream blushers, as these were made popular in this decade.

- Lots of lashes, top and bottom, you may want to apply some lashes to the corners or a natural strip along the top.

- Finally finish with a wet shiny lip-gloss. Keep the shades bright and fresh but make sure there is lots of it!!

Amanda Moorhouse x

Lipstick and Curls