The story of Hairspray

Wednesday February 12th 2014

At Lipstick and Curls, the one thing we couldn't do without is hairspray. Hairspray is an essential tool for all wanting to create and perfect a more sculpted style.  This wonder product has spanned the decades yet it still remains one of the most popular styling products around.

Hairspray was born in the 1940’s and developed by a manufacturer originally manufacturing aerosol cans in the WW11 for insecticides. Chase Products were the first to package such a product using the new aerosol process and as styles were increasingly more structured, there was demand for a strong fixing product on the market. In 1948 this product went into production and due to popularity was mass produced, by 1964 it was the highest selling beauty product on the market, outselling even Lipstick!

Although hairspray began it’s journey in the 1940’s it was the 1950’s and beauty guru that coined the phrase ‘Hair Spray” with her version of the product called  Spray Net. Hairspray became a revolutionary product as ladies could perfect and hold their hair do’s using this amazing sticky substance, this would also cut down on styling time as it gave a style a certain amount of longevity as now some hairstyle may hold for up to 1 week!

As styles and trends changed the 1970’s saw a change in hairstyling, hair was worn looser and hairspray sales drastically decreased it wasn’t until the birth of Punk that hairspray finally made a comeback and continued it’s popularity to this day. There are now a great deal of manufacturers out there all perfecting and developing the spray. A consumer can now choose a type of hairspray that will compliment their current choice of styling and hair type. 

Flexible Sprays typically give the least amount of staying power and are ideal for holding curls, waves, or flipped ends in place while still allowing movement.

Medium Sprays also sometimes called working sprays are slightly stronger than flexible, although they still allow for movement. They provide a fair amount of control with minimal stiffness.

Maximum Hold Sprays are the strongest and keep every strand in place.

Hairspray is a product I couldn’t live without and I can go through as much as 5 cans in one week! Use this product as a fixing product only to hold your perfected do. Essential for Beehives, bangs, rolls, waves, sets, buns pleats …. You really can’t do it without this, honestly! 

Amanda x (Lipstick and Curls)