The 1950’s Teenage and the Beauty Revolution!

Wednesday October 3rd 2012

The birth of Technicolor films in the 1950’s played a key role in the appearance of the woman of this age. Women were now exposed to so many beauty products on the market and they now had more choice than ever!

Hairspray is the most revolutionary product of the 1950’s and was actually the best selling beauty product throughout the decade. Of course with such a product available on the market we saw a change in the women’s image and women were experimenting now with shorter fuller styles. Women also had the freedom to experiment more with their hair and have more of an individual identity. Popular styles of the decade include the traditional set, short and curly, straight and flicked bob and we saw the beehive start to creep in towards the latter end of the decade. Women now wanted to look different and change the appearance on a regular basis! 

Make Up also saw many changes in the 1950’s. The classic image we love today with the red lippy and black cat liner was still popular in the 1950’s however it was seen as a more sophisticated look and was perhaps more popular with the middle age women as it was a very safe option, it was also the safest style for the workplace. The teenager and the younger generation continued to search for their own image and identity and found ways of looking less like their parents. With more colour choices in lipsticks the teenager strayed away from the pillar box red and opted for shades such as cherry, apricot, rose and lavender. These were actually very radical shades for the time and were undoubtedly worn by the teenager and the youth of the 1950’s making a clear divide between the ages.